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Lazy White Sweater


Hey guys! The weather here has been pretty mild lately, although it does get really cold fast once the sun goes down.  As a little escape from college life, my friends and I like to go downtown for lunch and coffee on the weekends.  I love to take this time to take pictures and wear my favorite (and a little fancier) outfits. All that time spent in classrooms and running around campus isn’t a place for heels, so I like to wear them out when I’m off campus. I love this white sweater from forever 21, its so simple but so comfy. I bought it a million years ago and its still looking good! My go-to black jeans are from Pacsun, and the shoes are from Ross. My favorite part of this is my watch, my boyfriend got me this rose gold Marc Jacobs beauty for my birthday last year, and I’m in love with it! Anyway I hope everyone is doing well! I’m going home soon for the holidays and I’m really excited! What are your holiday plans?

Fall Bucket List

Hey guys! I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year :) Here's a little bucket list I made while daydreaming about fall! Let me know what's on your fall bucket list in the comments! I'm really excited to finally have the weather cool down, and be able to wear my comfy sweaters and scarfs! Also, if anyone has any suggestions on a halloween costume- please share! have a great day guys.

Kanye West Concert

Hey everyone! I'm so excited because I drove back to LA for the weekend to catch up with my friends and family, and to go to Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreak concert! I've finished my first week of class and It's been pretty interesting, so I'm just trying to keep a positive outlook on this year. The concert was amazing though! Kanye is so creative when it comes to his concerts, and everything was really beautiful and chill. When I was trying to decide what to wear I gravitated towards this sheer pale blue top from H&M, I wore a really cool bralette under to show it off from Urban Outfitters. The jacket is adidas, shoes are Aldo, and my pants are from Pacsun! Right now I'm enjoying my time at home, I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

The Black Stripes

Hey guys! It's a really exciting and stressful time, I'm moving in to college and I'm looking forward to sharing my college apartment decor and new big-girl wardrobe with you guys! This is what I wore out with my boyfriend, we  just watched a movie and hung out around LA. I'm really gonna miss this place! the top is Brandy Melville, skirt is Forever21 and shoes are Steve Madden. Hope everyone is doing well!

Leo Carillo

Here are some pictures from my favorite beach in all of Socal, Leo Carillo! I'm going to be moving up the coast for college, so I might find a new favorite beach up there! But for now, this beach holds a special place in my heart. There's something about the caves that really intrigues me. Anyway I'm so sorry for not posting in a while, I've been packing and getting ready to move!

Huntington Library

Hey everyone! Thanks for the lovely comments and support on my last post! It     really means a lot :) I mentioned in my last post about discovering more of my home town before leaving for college, so I wanted to share some pictures from my current adventures.These are from the Huntington library and gardens, it’s a gorgeous place! Hope everyone’s having a great summer!

August - The Last Escape

August is a weird month for me, up until now the only event August   held was going back to school. Now for the first time since I was   like 10 it’s not. This time, it’s the last month of me living in     LA  before I move to college! I’m having a lot of mixed feelings     about  it because I’ve actually never moved before.I’m           nervous/scared/happy/excited about college life and discovering a new place.

As The title says (and as this month’s Anthropologie catalog says) August is my last escape before I move, I really want to discover parts of LA I’ve never seen before, and spend time with all of my loved ones. It should be an interesting month! 

What are all of your goals for August? Also for anyone who went to/go to college how was the process of moving out for you?

                thanks for reading :) xx Anika 

Baby Dolls

Hello everyone! It's been SUPER hot here in LA, so I took the heat as an opportunity to bust out a tiny babydoll dress from Forever21. The purse is from Tilly's and the shoes are Aldo. I wore this outfit to one of my best friend's pool party - where I got pushed into the pool fully clothed! Has that ever happened to any of you? 

Graph Paper

                  Hello everyone! So I wore this outfit exploring the alleys of Santa Monica, I went to a cute place called Urth Caffe with my boyfriend. The Weather was so perfect there, since it’s so close to the beach. Anyway the top is from forever 21- the print reminds me of graph paper (hence the title) probably because I’ve spent too much time in school, pants are from American Eagle, and the shoes are new from Steve Madden- definitely not the comfiest but they are so cute that I don’t even care haha. Do any of you have that one pair of shoes that are super uncomfortable but you still wear anyway?