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Huntington Library

Hey everyone! Thanks for the lovely comments and support on my last post! It     really means a lot :) I mentioned in my last post about discovering more of my home town before leaving for college, so I wanted to share some pictures from my current adventures.These are from the Huntington library and gardens, it’s a gorgeous place! Hope everyone’s having a great summer!

August - The Last Escape

August is a weird month for me, up until now the only event August   held was going back to school. Now for the first time since I was   like 10 it’s not. This time, it’s the last month of me living in     LA  before I move to college! I’m having a lot of mixed feelings     about  it because I’ve actually never moved before.I’m           nervous/scared/happy/excited about college life and discovering a new place.

As The title says (and as this month’s Anthropologie catalog says) August is my last escape before I move, I really want to discover parts of LA I’ve never seen before, and spend time with all of my loved ones. It should be an interesting month! 

What are all of your goals for August? Also for anyone who went to/go to college how was the process of moving out for you?

                thanks for reading :) xx Anika